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Game 7, I don’t want to jinx it, but…

Red Sox Nation Baby!

I don’t want to jinx anything by writing about the Sox before the game tonight, but I can hardly believe it. We’ve made it to Game 7 in the series against the Cleveland Indians. It’s not that the Sox are under qualified or couldn’t have pulled it off. It’s that we weren’t scoring enough runs when the series was in Cleveland, nor was our pitching up to par. Daisuke Matsuzaka let us down big time in Game 3. We paid roughly $51 million just to negotiate with him in Japan. We paid another $50 million to sign him to the Sox. Long story short – he hasn’t lived up the hype or his price tag and HE IS PITCHING TONIGHT! Yowzas!

Game 6 Recap:
I can’t believe how phenomenal J.D. Drew was last night!! His numbers this season have been straight up awful. Last night all of Fenway and Red Sox Nation held their breath as Drew stepped to the plate with 3 men on base and 2 outs. We were all thinking the same thing based on his record this season, he was going to strike out, or hit a grounder to first base for an easy out. As the balls on his pitching count contnued to rise we all thought he might actually walk. If he can just not be stupid for two tenths of a second, he might just walk and we’ll still score a run. I kept thinking, “C’mon J.D., a walk’s as good as a run.” Beside me, Michael was already punching the air with frustration awaiting Drew’s next folly. Before I could absorb that, I heard the crack of the bat. I looked at the screen and OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! HE HIT A HOMERUN! OMG! WAIT, HE HIT A GRANDSLAM!!!!!! OMG!

Drew sure picked the best time moment in his career to pull a homerun out of his ass. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you J.D. Drew.

Drew plays as an outfielder on the Red Sox and wears number 7. Maybe that lucky number will hold us through tonight’s Game 7! One can only hope. Although, we’re the Red Sox, we don’t need luck (but it doesn’t hurt either.)

This picture courtesy of sawxblog.com

Anyway, it’s just about game time, so off I go. And if you’re a New Englander or Red Sox fan of random descent, you better be off now too.

P.S. Happy 55th Birthday Mom! 🙂


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