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Again, For The First Time

So here I am again, writing my first blog post.

I am writing in the blogosphere for the first time since roughly 2003. My first blog was on LiveJournal. Admittedly, I didn’t use it all that often. I would probably be stoned like a leper by today’s big bloggers for the staggering time lapses between posts back then.

This time around, I want to make the most of this whole blogging phenomenon. Though I realize it’s not a fresh-out-the-gate idea, it has become HUGE in the past couple of years. I mean it’s crazy. Blogs are even used in the world of PR (that’s public relations for you lay folk). What I mean is, PR pros rely on them daily as sources of valuable, credible, current information just as they would CNN or the New York Times. That speaks volumes about how far-reaching and well-respected bloggers and their ideas have come.

So now it’s my turn. I’m going to attempt to post on a daily basis. I want to share my little “isms”, thoughts, photos, videos, highs, lows, experiences, and discoveries from life on and offline with whoever is willing to read it.

So here goes…

P.S. Happy 27th Birthday Michael!! xoxo


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